Don't Forget To Pause For A Pie

The Larder, NC500

Springtime in Sutherland: Your NC500 Easter Egg-xtraordinaire!

From dramatic coastlines to charming villages and Lochinver Larder's magical pies, your Easter break on the NC500 promises unforgettable moments. So, pack your bags, lace up your boots, and get ready to discover the magic of Sutherland this Easter!
The Larder, NC500

Highland Games on the NC500: our must-visit events

Commonly held over the month of August, you'll find numerous Highland Games events along the popular North Coast 500 route that showcase each region’s unique blend of sport, music, and culture. In this blog post, we will explore some of the thrilling events you can dive into along this stunning road trip route.
The Larder, NC500

NC500 Castles: Our Top 5

Embarking on a journey along the North Coast 500 (NC500) in Scotland is an unforgettable experience. Along the way, you will encounter a wealth of our history and heritage, including some of the best castles in Scotland.

Our Top Things to Do in Black Isle

Whilst on your way to visit Lochinver Larder, you must travel via Black Isle. We list our top things to do in Black Isle in our latest blog here - get ready to be inspired!

NC500 Wild Swimming Spots: Top Tips & Locations

Whether you’re already partial to swimming in the great outdoors or you’re preparing to take the plunge, the North Coast 500 is a playground of enchanting waterfalls, dreamy beaches and wildly beautiful lochs. The water certainly isn’t warm, but that’s the whole point!

Our Top 5 Detours from the NC500

As the name suggests, the NC500 covers 500 miles of incredible coastline through several regions in the Highlands. Not only that, but there are countless hidden gems, inviting islands and charming villages within close reach of the designated NC500 route. Detour, anyone?

Outdoor Activities on the NC500

The NC500 is a place to get up close and personal with the outdoors; breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the calm of the sea or the rush of adrenaline. Why not try something new? Step away from your vehicle and out of your comfort zone.

NC500 Best Beaches: Our 6 Top Picks

The beaches on the NC500 are what gets everyone talking. If you haven’t seen them for yourself, we can confirm that the rumours are all true. Ever those who have daydreamed over photos online of white sands and turquoise sea, are still awestruck on arrival.
Community, NC500

Where to stay in Lochinver

While we might be a wee bit biased, there’s simply no denying the facts: Assynt is the perfect base for your NC500 adventure. This remote corner of Sutherland is a place of peaceful settlements, dramatic landscapes and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: we are not even exaggerating.

How to Reminisce on your NC500 Adventure from Home

Whether you visited just last summer, or have been escaping to the area since before it rose to NC500 fame, these are our five top ways to reminisce on the good times and keep those precious travel memories alive.