How to Reminisce on your NC500 Adventure from Home

Fri, Oct 22, 2021

When you return from your adventure on the NC500, you are not the same person as when you left. Once you’ve set your eyes upon the scenery, you can never unsee it: the timeless landscapes, dazzling beaches, sheer cliffs plunging into the sea, and mountains guarding the vast open lands below. Exploring the most northerly stretch of coast on the UK mainland is, quite literally, ‘living on the edge’ and the experiences which unfold are nothing short of incredible.

Being thrust back into familiar surroundings back home, complete with your standard routine and responsibilities, can be a shock to the system. Before you know it, time flies at great speed, the seasons suddenly shift, and you’re left feeling like you simply dreamt it all. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you visited just last summer, or have been escaping to the area since before it rose to NC500 fame, these are our five top ways to reminisce on the good times and keep those precious travel memories alive.

1. Immerse yourself in online videos

Since teleportation just isn’t realistic, opt for the next best thing… YouTube! Thanks to the advancement of drone technology, and the unlimited patience of the talented videographers who operate them, going on a NC500 journey from home has never been easier. Simply type in your NC500 search terms, and you’re ready for an instant walk/drive down memory lane. See how many locations you can name from the videos or simply relax and enjoy: like a guided meditation, NC500-style! Click here to view our favourite NC500 YouTube video.

If you’d prefer a documentary, watch Scottish actor Malcolm Jamieson discover the NC500 in a two-part documentary on STV Player, Discover Scotland: North Coast 500 (available until 30 Nov 21).


2. Share your pictures on social media

While it’s likely you’ve already subjected your friends and family to a stream of shameless holiday-spam on social media, there will always be an online audience who are interested in seeing the highlights from your travels – especially if they are currently planning or looking for inspiration for their own NC500 road-trip. Spend an evening reminiscing over your holiday photos and picking out your favourites. Share them in an NC500 Facebook group or on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us #LochinverLarder so that we can share them too!

3. Create Photo Album

Step away from the online world and create an old-school photo album for your favourite NC500 images. Selecting and presenting photos in a tangible album seems like a long-lost tradition thanks to social media, but we think it should make a comeback. The simple act of printing the photos is a novelty in itself, and there’s a lot to be said for slowly flicking through the pages to reminisce, instead of scrolling through your phone or social media. It is a lovely, nostalgic way of preserving your NC500 memories.

4. Order Pies by Post

Indulging in one of our famous Lochinver Pies is a rite of passage on the NC500, and a foodie highlight of the trip, as we’re often told by our customers. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of sampling the goods, or regret not getting the chance, we can deliver a taste of the NC500 directly to your door, with our popular ‘Pies by Post’ service. We’re talking handmade, generously-filled, perfectly-packaged pies, suitable for immediate re-heating and joyous consumption, or batch freezing for whenever takes your fancy.

Browse the selection and buy your pies here, then host your own NC500 #throwback dinner, complete with holiday photos and YouTube videos, for a full immersive experience. Our most devout pie lovers, can even join Pie Club for exclusive discounts and the opportunity to sample our new recipes first. Who’s hungry?

Pies by Post - Pies Online

5. Start planning your next adventure

There is no better way to remedy the NC500 blues than to start planning your return trip. You could go as far as booking your accommodation or dream camper-van, or simply writing a wish-list of places you’d like to revisit, as well as anything you missed and would love to experience. Return visitors often decide to explore the route at a more leisurely pace or to single out their favourite destinations to use as a base: we personally think that Assynt would be an excellent choice! Here are some more experiences to add to your wish-list.

• Go puffin spotting on Handa Island
• Hike the iconic Stac Pollaidh
• Fly over a stunning beach at Durness on the Golden Eagle Zipline
• Discover the waterfall chamber inside Smoo Cave
• Visit the enchanting Dunrobin Castle
• Drive the famous Bealach na Ba road into Applecross (not for the faint hearted)

Then, all that’s left to consider, is which pies you want try on your return to Lochinver.

Handa Island - NC500 Visit - North Coast 500 Smoo Caves - NC500 Visit - North Coast 500
Amazing pies! My boyfriend and I visited during our NC500 trip and loved trying the pies so much that we had to order them again when home for our whole family! So filling, meat is delicious and would definitely recommend!
Victoria Keeson