Valentine’s Day Special: Sweet Pie of Mine

Thu, Jan 27, 2022

Love is in the air, and so is the smell of sweet pies. Mouth-watering, heart-warming wafts of hot pastry, cooked fruit, cinnamon, vanilla and almonds. We can’t bottle that freshly baked scent from backstage at the larder, but we can box up the goods and deliver them straight to your door. This season’s limited-edition pie is a romantic re-launch for Valentine’s Day and we think you’re going to love it cherry much.


Love at first bite

For many of you, the love affair with our pies is a savoury story which began on the North Coast 500. Our meaty/veggie pies are legendary in this part of the world, but we want to show you our sweet side too. Hand crafted with love and passion, these irresistible pies are the ultimate winter-warmer dessert, guaranteed to bring you sweet satisfaction and pure joy.

True to our high pie standards, our sweet fillings are traditional Lochinver Larder recipes, and we leave no space inside the pastry unfilled. The soft, warm fruit is beautifully balanced by the buttery pastry. Food really is the way to the heart, and every bite is a reminder of exactly that.

Whether it’s a Valentine’s, Galentine’s, bromance, or a self-care situation, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a sweet pie straight from the oven, doused in warm custard or indulgent ice-cream, and enjoyed from the comfort of your couch. Who wants a box of chocolates when you can have a box of pies?

Sweet pies and their perfect partners

Limited Edition: Cherry and Almond

This month we’re rolling out the red carpet for a very special cherry/nutty flavoured pie: a Golden Oldie, back by popular demand. Full to the brim with luxurious cherry and almond filling, these pies are bursting with love. Take this pie to the next level with homemade salted almond ice-cream; a divine contrast of hot and cold, sweet and salty.

Cherry and Almond

Apple Pie

An absolute classic, and all-round crowd pleaser, with generous chunks of apple and rich cinnamon sauce, this pie is the apple of our eye. A dessert for any and every occasion, we like to keep things simple and pair this pie with a velvety vanilla custard. Try making your own with this recipe.

Apple Pie - Open

Apple and Blackcurrant Pie

This one goes out to all those who demand more from life and who want something extra from our classic dessert pies. Something like… juicy blackcurrants! Apple and blackcurrant is a match made I heaven, and the addition of these delightful wee berries results in a deep purple pie filling. This recipe for cinnamon whipped cream has got us drooling!

Apple & Blackcurrant Pie - Open

Apricot and Peach Pie

This pie is just peachy! Sliced apricots, peaches and vanilla sauce, encased in golden pastry; a combination you didn’t know you were craving until now. Top it off with some full-fat Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. Delicious!

Apricot & Peach Pie - Open

Next time you place a Pies by Post order, we challenge you to try a new sweet pie!

And, to make it even sweeter we want to give you a pie for FREE! Simply use the code PIELOVEYOU at checkout to redeem the offer (available until 20th February 2022)

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Never have I ever felt the need to leave a review before but after just eating your Venison and Cranberry pie with my flatmates, my taste buds melted. I have never enjoyed every bite of something so much. I sat at my table reimagining the ratatouille scene where he combines cheese with a strawberry and his head is filled with colours as the combination blows him away. In short, wow. Blown away.
Pie Loving Customer