The Art of the Lochinver Pie

Fri, Nov 5, 2021

A hot pie is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures; instantly comforting, satisfying, and delicious.

When Ian and Debra Stewart opened, what was then, a wee sandwich deli in Lochinver back in 1986, little did they know it was this classic comfort food which would carry their business to future fame – and all this was before the NC500 was even a ‘thing’.

Lochinver Larder has turned the humble pie into a local delicacy, baking nearly 100,000 pies in 2021 alone. If you’ve already sampled the goods, you will understand why, but if you’re sitting there wondering what makes our pies so special, it’s time to let you in on our secrets...

Handmade in the Highlands

All Lochinver pies are lovingly hand-crafted on-site by our talented team of Lochinver Pie Makers - Veronika, Eilidh, Jackie and Kym - who look after assembling our secret pastry and famous filings, to the crimping and baking. Each and every pie is the product of our beautiful wee corner of the Highlands, and the people who live here.

Pie production is now higher than ever, but our traditions stay the same; we don’t outsource, automate or compromise on quality in any way. Our pies are the real deal, and we intend to keep it that way.

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The Filling Factor

We are very proud of our homemade pie fillings, and we want you to experience the rich flavours and local ingredients in all their mouth-watering glory. We pack each pie with a hearty pile of tasty filling, accounting for around two-thirds of the weight of a freshly baked pie on its exit from the oven. That’s our signature ‘filling factor’.

Carefully encasing this mighty mound of filling into delicate pastry is an impressive art which only our expert Pie Makers can pull off. The end result is a flaky, buttery pastry which gives way to generous mouthfuls of hot fillings.

Spoiled for Choice

Our extensive pie collection features a hybrid of timeless classics, Scottish staples, and gourmet surprises with meat, seafood and vegetarian options. We even have a selection of sweet pies, because who are we to judge those who prefer sweet over savoury, or just fancy a bit of both!

Most of our recipes have been handed down by the previous owners, then adapted to become uniquely our own. We believe in staying true to our roots and giving our pie-lovers what they want. While we are always brainstorming new pie recipes and specials, our most popular pies won’t be going anywhere, that’s for sure – unless they’re being posted out to our pie lovers. Venison & Cranberry or Steak & Ale, anyone?

Delivered to your Door!

Lochinver Larder is the pie capital of the NC500: a place which has seen thousands of visitors stop by to fill their stomachs and fuel their adventures. Our customers hold fond memories of our pies and unsurprisingly have high pie standards when they return home. Thanks to our Pies by Post service, you don’t have to make the epic journey back to Lochinver every time you want to experience our pies once again, you can simply get them delivered... although we do love seeing you in person!

Our Pies by Post service has been going strong since 2003, and demand is at an all-time high. Our precious goods are packaged securely, and sustainably, then distributed to pie lovers all over the UK, where they can be popped straight in the oven, or in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later date. Pies by Post allows you to taste the NC500 and experience Highland hospitality from the familiarity or your own home or office. What’s not to like?

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Excellent service - pies arrived as schedule. Most impressed with packaging and the use of wool. First time I have ordered form the Lochinver Larder and have to say that the pies are absolutely first class......very more-ish!! A delighted customer.
Ormond Smith