Pies, Packaging and Sustainability

May 17, 2023

Same Great Pies, friendlier Packaging

Here at Lochinver Larder, we take sustainability very seriously, which is why we overhauled our Pies By Post packaging to reflect our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.  

We use Woolcool® as an eco-friendly lining to keep your packaged fresh pies nice and cool, ready for you to enjoy. This amazing renewable product means we use fewer ice packs and non-biodegradable plastic packaging, so it’s helping us reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources, minimises our carbon emissions, and promotes a circular economy by encouraging reuse and recycling. It’s a win-win for us, our customers, and the planet.

And the waste prevention journey doesn’t end at Lochinver Larder. You can reuse our Woolcool® packaging in your own home after you’ve unpacked your pies. Larder owner, John Snyder, uses it in his own garden! Keep reading for some excellent tips on making the most of this earth-friendly product.

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How We Use WoolcoolⓇ

According to their website, in one year, Woolcool® prevented the equivalent weight of 21 blue whales of polystyrene from going to landfill! 

So what is Woolcool®, and why are we so excited to be using it?

Woolcool® is made from natural and renewable pure sheep's wool, of which there is an abundance in the United Kingdom. This makes it a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging materials like polystyrene or plastic. Because wool is a biodegradable material, it can break down naturally over time, reducing its impact on the environment. Additionally, the production of Woolcool® requires less energy compared to the manufacturing of synthetic materials, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. How great is that?

One significant advantage of Woolcool® is its excellent thermal insulation properties. Wool fibres have natural crimp and air pockets, which help regulate temperature and provide effective insulation. This means that Woolcool® can maintain the desired temperature for fresh food products, reducing the need for additional cooling methods during transportation. As a result, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with refrigeration or cold storage can be significantly reduced.

So by utilising Woolcool® as a packaging material for fresh food, businesses can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain.

How You Can Use Your WoolcoolⓇ Packaging

Woolcool® is reusable and recyclable. As a business resource, it can be easily cleaned and repurposed for multiple packaging cycles. At the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled, composted and used as a craft material, minimising its impact on landfill sites. 

So you’ve ordered, received and enjoyed your delicious Lochinver Larder pies - what’s next for your packaging? Let’s explore the many ways you can reuse our Woolcool® packaging in your home.

In The Garden

Recycling Woolcool® in your garden is a great way to repurpose, reduce waste, and enhance the health of your plants. Because it’s a natural and biodegradable insulation material, it can be easily utilised in your gardening activities. Here's how you can repurpose Woolcool® in your garden:


Add Woolcool® to your compost bin or pile by cutting it into small pieces to facilitate decomposition. The wool fibres are rich in nitrogen and carbon, which contribute to a healthy compost. Over time, the wool will break down and enrich the compost with plenty of lovely nutrients.



Woolcool® is an excellent mulch for your plants. Spread a layer of shredded or torn wool over the soil surface, leaving a small space around the plant stems to avoid trapping moisture. The wool will help retain moisture, suppress weeds, and provide insulation to the soil.

Seedling protection

Woolcool® can be used to protect delicate seedlings from harsh weather conditions. Create small wool pockets or wraps and place them around the base of young plants. The wool will act as a natural insulator, shielding the seedlings from temperature fluctuations and frost.

Hanging Baskets

Simply line your hanging basket with your repurposed Woolcool®, add some gravel and compost, and get planting! This super versatile material will retain moisture, helping keep your flowers fresh and happy on hot summer days.


Worm Bedding

Woolcool® makes effective bedding material for compost worms. Shred it into small pieces and add it to your worm bin; the worms will feed on the wool and help break it down, creating nutrient-rich castings for your garden.

Got chickens?

Treat your hens to some cosy, comfy Woolcool® bedding. It’s a great way to regulate the temperature of your coop and it provides a nice soft nesting box bed.


Canny crafters use their Woolcool® package lining to:

  • create gorgeous needle stitch toys
  • use as warm lining for home-made clothing
  • plump up cushions
  • make various fancy dress costumes. 



How have you recycled your Woolcool® lining? Let us know by emailing hello@lochinverlarder.com and we might share your ingenious ideas on our website and socials!

Really wonderful visit! Food was really great, what we needed after a 10 km walk. Their pies are high quality, that taste wonderful and for what you get the price is worth it. I would definitely recommend a visit and I will take some pies home with me.
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