4 reasons to spend autumn in the highlands

Wed, Sep 28, 2022

Autumn anywhere in the UK can be beautiful

With the vivid colours, crushed leaves and crackling fires, it’s such an amazing time of year, but there’s something special about autumn up here in Scotland. We explore our top four reasons to spend autumn in the highlands below…

The autumn colours

Golden hour in autumn (just before sunset) is probably the best time of day to appreciate this little land upon which we live. Casting a golden glow across the landscape, the colours of the trees really stand out at this time. The leaves start to change colour in September and are in their full glory by the end of October. Together with the rich auburn colour of deer-grass on the Scottish moors, it’s a spectacular sight and can only be truly appreciated in person.

You could easily take a Lochinver Larder pie with you on an adventure in the Scottish hills to escape and stand in awe at the colours surrounding the lochs and waterfalls.

Seasonal food

We could hardly write a blog about autumn and not mention food, could we?! From roast dinners and filling pies, rich stews and casseroles to homemade soups, there’s nothing better than rustling up some tasty, hearty cooking as the weather turns. Especially up in Scotland, where we really feel the seasons changing.

Here at the lodge we pride ourselves on using as many locally sourced ingredients as we can, together with reviewing our menu as the seasons change. You may remember back in April we launched our lamb keema pie, which flew off the shelves! This summer we released the veggie spinach, ricotta and tomato pie, perfect for a summer trip to the beach. Keep your eyes peeled for our Halloween pie, and of course, not forgetting our famous Christmas pie! 

We recently shared our favourite side dishes to accompany a pie, including cheesy mash and homemade custard, and they’re perfect recipes to attempt as the weather changes and the nights get darker.

Darker nights and cosy evenings

Speaking of the nights getting darker, it can take some adjusting when the sun starts setting hours earlier than in the summer, especially up here in the highlands. Often holiday makers visit during the summer months when the sun typically sets around 10pm, and it’s a surprise to visit again during December and January to find daylight is only around for 7 hours per day.

Wrapping up in warm jumpers and layering up, making the most of daylight before coming home to get cosy with a warm fire and perhaps a tipple of whisky sounds like a perfect day to us!

And finally, fewer tourists…

Lochinver Larder is based just off the North Coast 500, which means during the summer months it can be incredibly busy – which, of course, we love! But from September onwards it starts to get quieter, meaning we have more time to speak with our lovely customers, receive feedback and plan our special pies for the next year.

This also means that if you were to holiday up here once the summer season ends, you’re more likely to have the tourist spots to yourself. We’re talking beaches, castles, cafes – even the roads will be quieter. Of course, not everywhere will be open so it’s important you do your research as a lot of small businesses also operate on seasonal hours.

If this is enough to whet your appetite, we look forward to welcoming you at the larder to grab one (or a few) of our famous pies.

And if a pie isn’t your thing, don’t forget we have ciabattas, burgers and homemade cakes on offer too.

What if you’re not able to visit us soon?

Well, that’s where our very handy Pies by Post service will come in useful! Order your pies online and get them directly to your front door in a matter of days. Whether you fancy something sweet, meaty or veggie, there is a pie to suit everyone. We dare you not to order!

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These pies are to die for! We made a special trip to Lochinver Larder on the NC500 and it didn't disappoint us! There are so many to choose from and I bet each one is amazing! Great little view next to the river made it even nicer!
Pie Loving Customer