After coronavirus lockdown we have opened. Take food and drinks down to the grassy banks of the river, or sit on the big rocks and small beach of the sea loch. A great way to enjoy open-air social distancing!

River Inver and Loch Beach

Hello "VERA" 

We found "Vera" on an industrial estate in Wigan. One of four 4x4 ex-military trucks converted into a bar on wheels. A 25 metre square platform folds out from the driver's side, and the bar is racked with 10 fridges to keep food and drinks chilled, ready for your orders. 

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View our pies


Ian and Pedro travelled from Wigan to help our Lochinver Larder team set "Vera" up in the garden. This is what they had to say about the set-up job, and Lochinver...

Pie Shack Ian and Pedro



River Inver to Open Sea 2X


Hello "VERA" 

The Pie Shack is staying in the Larder's garden for some time as we invite you to simply kick-back and enjoy the stunning sea and river views from The Pie Shack's deck and our riverside garden.

However, like all road-trips there are new destinations for Vera and a travelling Pie Shack in our Vision. On the road, hungry for new sea views and more locations to share pies and beer.


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The Lochinver Larder Pie Shack was erected from 6am to 5pm on Wednesday 1st July 2020.
Ian and Pedro from Central Fusion showed us how to set-up the platform and the tent, as well as stabilise the 4x4 military truck called "Vera" since 2014 when it was first adapted to be a "pub on wheels".
Pie Shack Setup Time Lapse Cropped